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About the event

CogniValley content will be co-created by the community of practitioners who will apply for their innovative practices through the website, which will be evaluated and selected by a panel of experts.

In addition, practitioners will have the opportunity to share and discuss the challenges they are facing in their activities to promote entrepreneurial education.


Why do we do it?

Today the world has taken an unexpected turn and the education field is not the exception.

What do we want to achieve?


Create a reference space in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinnovative educational practices and development of essential skills and entrepreneurship re-contextualized to the times we are living.


Start a learning community of innovative practices


Inspire participants through talks and inspiring experiences that give us key information and challenge our mental models


Live concrete experiences to put some ideas and hypotheses into action and open ourselves to new possibilities

Who will be part and what is their place?

Unlike other spaces, in CogniValley the participants are the protagonists who inspire each other and the speakers produce a powerful collective result.

We invite Educators, Researchers, Coaches, Facilitators of learning processes, Referents of human development and others interested in exploring best learning practices.

Inspirational talks
Talks on innovation in education with different approaches and perspectives.
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7/23 from 2 to 6 p.m. Uruguayan time